Our Services

We service, we repair, we repower, we advise, we have economy inĀ  mind.

We have nearly all of the latest computer diagnostic software to read information from the heart of your marine engine to assist us in troubleshooting any problems, and also gives us past fault codes and engine history. Beside all this technology, we have two blokes with very logical and methodical minds that can often diagnose problems that the software cannot.

Our role is to keep your boat on the water. Whilst service and repair are our forte, there are times when repairs are unfeasible, and repowering the boat becomes a whole lot more viable. We have access to new and used marine engines. If we think the repair cost will exceed the value of the motor, we will provide any other option available to us at the time. We stock used outboard and inboard motors, all priced on a cost plus margin to give value all around. We have found some very affordable ways of upgrading old carburettor model inboard motors to more sophisticated multi point fuel injected crate engines at a fraction of the cost of a full repower.

We use and sell genuine and aftermarket parts. We discriminate heavily on what we use and sell, as we have seen what works best over long periods of time. We stock a lot of items. All enquiries on parts, pricing, and brands are welcome. Our best point of contact for this is via email, or if the matter is of extreme urgency you will find most of our mobile phone numbers available within or just outside normal trading hours.

We have loads of secondhand parts too. Stock varies quickly and greatly, so get in touch via email here.